Kaushik Joshi

Kaushik JoshiKaushik Joshi is a Research Specialist at the Illinois Applied Research Institute. He primarily works in its Accelerated Materials Research program as an expert in the multiscale modeling of materials and engineering processes. Before coming to the ARI, he worked in Washington State University’s Applied Science Laboratory as a Computational Materials Engineer. There he developed a microstructure toolkit that provided atomistic insights into microstructure-corrosion correlations. He also performed reactive molecular dynamics simulations of intermolecular energy transfers in RDX crystals.

Before his work at WSU, Kaushik was a Postdoctoral Research Associate with ExxonMobil Research and Engineering and the Pennsylvania State University in State College, PA. During his post-doc tenure, and also as a Graduate Research Assistant at Penn State, he performed research to explore and enhance applicability of reactive molecular dynamics to solve various engineering problems.

Kaushik earned his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State in 2012 and his M.S. in Aerospace Engineering from Old Dominion University in Virginia in 2008.

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