Michael Welge

Michael Welge’s work is in the area of visual analytics, specifically data mining frameworks and their applications. Currently he holds positions of Senior Data Analytics Advisor at the Illinois Applied Research Institute and Senior Data Scientist in Biomedical Science at the National Center for Supercomputing Application (NCSA). In addition, his professional background includes Director, Data Intensive Technologies and Applications (DITA) at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), Adjunct Faculty at the Institute for Genomic Biology (IGB), Co-Director, National Center for Advanced Data Research (NLADR), and Executive-in residence, Big Data applications, University of Illinois Research Park.

In these positions Michael has helped Fortune 100 companies, government agencies, and academic institutions make sense of the data mining process; designed and developed integrated visual analytics frameworks to support the process; and applied these frameworks to real-world data intensive applications. This work spans over a 100 diverse sets of data mining applications dealing with issues in bio/medical informatics, environmental engineering, education policy, fraud detection, customer relationship management, digital manufacturing, precision agriculture, supply chain management, water treatment, business intelligence, telecommunications, risk management and crisis management.

Michael is recognized for his algorithm and information visualization design and development for the data mining environment, Data-To-Knowledge (D2K). D2K, was designed to provide a broad range of researchers and scientists with a flexible and extensible architecture or “sandbox” for the rapidly developing data intensive applications and evaluating the performance, accuracy, and relevance of a range of data mining techniques on the supporting multimodal data sets.

Michael was selected by the Mellon Foundation to lead the design, development, application of their largest funded cyberinfrastructure project SEASR. The Software Environment for the Advancement of Scholarly Research was developed to support the Digital Humanities research community.

Currently Michael is working in conjunction with ARI Systems Medicine, NCSA Biomedical Science, IGB Computational Biomedicine Theme, and the Mayo-Illinois Alliance Center for Individualized Medicine, to develop high-dimensional visual analytics approaches and related application environment to address the challenges of managing, analyzing, and visualizing complex biomedical data for use by clinicians, coaches, navigators, patients, and researchers.

Michael is founder of two University of Illinois economic development spin-outs as a result of this work: RiverGlass and One Llama, which were both incubated in the University of Illinois Research Park.

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