ARI at 2015 Research Day

Nate Russell, Colleen Bushell, Loretta Auvil

From L-R: Nate Russell, Colleen Bushell, and Loretta Auvil

As a member of the University of Illinois research community, the ARI regularly shares its ideas with others in the regular forums that the campus organizes.

ARI research staff recently presented a research project “Feature Interaction Detection with Random Forest in a High Dimensional Microbiome Setting” at the 2015 Research Day on April 16, 2015, hosted by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign College of Medicine.

The project involved a number of ARI staff and affiliates, including Colleen Bushell, Nathan Russell, Michael Welge, Loretta Auvil, Matthew Berry, Kelly Swanson, and Bryan White. Faculty and staff from Northwestern University and Southern Illinois University participated as well.