College of Medicine to Feature Simulation Center

The new engineering-based College of Medicine at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, which is growing from a partnership with Carle Health System, will feature the Jump Simulation Center, funded by a $10 million gift from Chicago-based Jump Trading

The Jump Simulation Center will be located in Everitt Laboratory, which will soon be renovated and become home to Illinois’ bioengineering department. Medical and engineering students will be immersed in technology-driven clinical environments at the Jump Simulation Center. They will design and learn how to use:

  • New medical devices.
  • New mobile, low-cost technologies for rural and developing areas.
  • New medical simulation tools.
  • New bio-printing and bio-fabrication techniques.

This center will provide an exciting platform for research in the intersection between medicine and engineering. Learn more about the center and the College of Medicine here.