Modeling & Simulation

Physics-based Modeling and Simulation

Engineering new products and processes via numerical simulation

The Illinois Applied Research Institute is providing numerous commercial and government partners with modeling and simulation services that are driving major advances in product design and development.

What We Do

  • Develop and validate high-fidelity simulations for commercial and government applications
  • Build software tools and methodologies that support the development of new products
  • Incorporate multiple physical scales into simulations 

Our Expertise Areas

Computational electromagnetics

  • Optical and electronic properties of nano-structured materials and thin films
  • Radar cross section

‚ÄčComputational fluid dynamics

  • Fluid flow under various conditions (steady-state/transient, laminar/turbulent, incompressible/compressible, variable fluid properties, single/multi-phase, reacting flows)
  • Microfluidic flow through nanopores

Signal processing

  • Spectral analysis and estimation
  • Interfering signal discrimination
  • Statistical processing

Get Started

Contact Santanu Chaudhuri, the Director of the ARI's Accelerated Materials Research program, at to learn more.