Accelerated Materials Research

AMR Group

The Illinois Applied Research Institute's program in accelerated materials discovery and development is resulting in new products and processes across a wide swath of sectors.

More info about publications and collaborations are available on the AMR website.

What We Do

  • Accelerate discovery and shorten R&D time
  • Plan materials-to-manufacturing transition
  • Integrate materials and process simulations
  • Test and improve product performance and lifetime

Our Expertise Areas

ARI materials research experts have worked with the world's most prominent companies to create manufacturable solutions that are resulting in new products for the marketplace. Some of our technical capabilities include:

  • Advanced characterization of materials
  • First-principles simulations
  • Chemistry under extreme conditions
  • Molecular dynamics simulations
  • Multiscale modeling for materials-to-manufacturing transition
  • Coatings and corrosion protection
  • Catalysis and energy storage
  • Materials genome using machine learning and data mining:

    • Search of conductors and superconductors
    • Cathodic precipitate search for corrosion protection
    • Design of lightweight alloys
    • High-k/low-k dielectric search
    • Energy storage and conversion

Work With Us

AMR Team

Contact Santanu Chaudhuri, the Director of the ARI's Accelerated Materials Research program, at to learn more.