Algorithm and Software Development

ARI develops and implements algorithms for solving complex multi-domain problems in the areas of Information Processing, ISR (Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance), Remote Sensing, Data Fusion, and Distributed Autonomy.


  • Utilize physics-based models to extract information from sensors to inform algorithms that assist in decisions
  • Use machine learning techniques to solve complex problems in distributed autonomy and human-machine teaming
  • Evaluate and translate prototype algorithms to test-hardened implementation and system integration to solve customer’s problems

Focus Areas

  • Develop a comprehensive spacio-temporal model of uncertainties in object tracking
  • Explore multi-spectral imaging capabilities of Sandia-built XPCI system on bone scaffolds
  • Optimize FTIR (Fourier Transform Infra-Red spectroscopy) based software processing pipeline for classification of cancerous tissue samples
  • Execute classified programs for government customers

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