Contextual Innovation and Practice

Contextual Innovation and Practice is the creative application of science, mathematical methods, societal understanding and local knowledge to address a physical need that serves the user of innovation while recognizing the influence of stakeholder motivations and objectives. ARI increases operability, sustainability, and functionality of engineered projects, systems, and operations by identifying and addressing the unique context in which they reside, and optimizing the impact of place, people, and time on its development and use with Contextual Innovation and Process.

Contextual Approach

Contextual Innovation and Process in action
Contextual Innovation and Process in action
  • Context collection takes into account place-based influences that are critical to the design process: cultural, economic, political, educational, and mechanical
  • The application of this approach works to create innovative self-sufficiency, allowing the residing community to take ownership of and provide subsequent care for the new infrastructure. 
  • Identifies the unique characteristics, values, needs, and identities of all stakeholders to harmonize the relationship between product and user.


5 Critical Considerations
5 Critical Considerations
  • Strengthen the relationship between product/process and user by identifying and incorporating the unique characteristics, values, needs, and identities of all stakeholders
  • Leverage the unique capabilities, knowledge, and skills of participants to produce a more user-appropriate outcome 
  • Mitigate the challenges of product/process design for international application in diverse societies
  • Align objectives and motivations of diverse parties in product/process development or refinement to reduce disconnects that may affect long-term viability 

Focus Areas

Contextual Engineering Process
Contextual Engineering Process
  • Engineered infrastructure and product design
  • Organizational dynamics in interdisciplinary processes
  • Technology development for intercultural applications
  • Globalization of operations, technology, and product development


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