Materials Development

ARI improves the performance of material systems through the development, design, processing and characterization of polymers, biomaterials, nanocomposites and metals.


  • Leverage a fundamental understanding of materials to tailor the chemistry, composition, and processing approach to design or improve the performance of materials systems
  • Incorporate design and manufacturing considerations early in the materials development process to achieve cost, quality, and performance objectives and accelerate product development

Focus Areas

  • Development and qualification of new materials for polymer and metal additive manufacturing
  • Processing and performance characterization of advanced paints and coatings
  • Development and processing of high-strength, lightweight materials
  • Application of surface modification technologies to improve performance
  • Design and processing of self-assembled materials that demonstrate a viable path for achieving scalability
  • Evaluation and validation of hydrophilic polymers as biomaterials

To learn more, contact Nicole Johnson, ARI Directing Manager.

Our Team

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