Monitoring, Diagnostics and Controls

ARI integrates and deploys sensor technologies and diagnostic tools that provide our customers actionable data that helps them extract valuable insights, enhance situational awareness, and rapidly respond to changing conditions.


  • Utilize spectroscopic techniques to capture the underlying physics and chemical kinetics of complex physical reactions where it is not possible to safely reproduce the actual environment
  • Deploy optical, electronic, and acoustic sensors to monitor and control manufacturing processes
  • Apply building science principles to quantify the impact of ventilation, infiltration, and retrofit measures on energy usage, airflows, and overall air quality in buildings
  • Perform signal analysis

Focus Areas

  • Improve detection schemes and forensic-analysis capabilities associated with potential chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear threats
  • Evaluate the spacio-temporal variability of contaminants in buildings and the health impacts on residents of multi-unit buildings
  • Develop and implement real-time process control strategies in additive manufacturing

To learn more, contact Nicole Johnson, ARI Managing Director.

Our Team

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Associate Director for Building Science
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