ARI bridges the gap between the knowledge gained through research and its practical application. ARI trainers design curriculum and workshop modules to enhance the fundamental knowledge of building science and energy efficiency practitioners.


  • Use a fundamental understanding of adult education and curriculum development to ensure that audiences understand the why of building science principles that guide procedures in the weatherization process
  • Employ expert trainers with applied field experience to translate the building science research and technical field procedures into customized classroom and in-field learning experiences
  • Evaluate and improve curriculum to include current building science research and new educational innovations to increase information retention, improve understanding of the material, and teach job-specific critical thinking skills 

Focus Areas

    • Use sound principles of building science to advance the performance of homes by developing and disseminating knowledge and best practice through education, training, and research
    • Improve building energy efficiency, residential health and safety, and long-term resiliency of existing residential building systems by taking initiative to understand environmental conditions, and to address the current needs and future goals of our stakeholders

To learn more, contact Nicole Johnson, ARI Managing Director.

Our Team

Associate Director for Building Science
Research Engineer
Senior Research Engineer
Manager for Education Research and Training
Senior Research Scientist

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