Applying Computer Science to Anxiety, Depression, and Veteran Brain Health

The ARI Algorithims and Software group is working with Voice Vitals and The Veteran ALiVe Brain Bank studies for the curation of research datasets, development of machine models and tools that can predict presence and severity of depression and anxiety, and development of secure computing infrastructure to support the work. 

Designing Disposable Medical Products Using Biodegradable Materials

ARI researcher collaborated with Grainger College of Engineering bioengineering students on a project that was presented at the Grainger College of Engineering Open House

Studying the Effects of Biomolecules on Steel Corrosion

A team of researchers at the Illinois Applied Research Institute (ARI) are teaming with researchers in the Material Science and Engineering Department (MatSE) and BP to study the effects of the biomolecules on the corrosion of steel.

Contextualizing Nursing Needs for Development of Retention-Support Aid

The Contextual Innovation and Practice (CIP) group in partnership with a research team at OSF Healthcare are working to identify the specific support gaps felt by nurses and determining the optimal assistance methods for improving nurse well being.

Algorithm and Software Development

ARI develops and implements algorithms for solving complex multi-domain problems in the areas of Information Processing, ISR (Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance), Remote Sensing, Data Fusion, and Distributed Autonomy.

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Contextual Innovation and Practice

ARI increases operability, sustainability, and functionality of engineered products, systems, and operations by identifying and addressing the unique context in which they reside, and optimizing the impact of place, people, and time on its development and use.

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Materials Development

ARI improves the performance of material systems through the development, design, processing and characterization of polymers, biomaterials, nanocomposites and metals.

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