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September Spotlight


Daniel Krogstad

Senior Research Scientist

Daniel Krogstad is a Senior Research Scientist at ARI. Daniel graduated from University of Illinois with a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering, and a Ph.D. in Materials from University of California at Santa Barbara. Dan has been with ARI for 7 years, specializing in materials science.

Dan’s research focuses on the development of polymer, nanocomposites and biomaterials with applications which span defense and security, health, and manufacturing. As a senior research scientist, Dan is responsible for leading specialized research in polymers, writing cutting edge proposals and overseeing student researchers. His primary research focuses on the co-design of soft materials and their processing methods to create materials with new and improved structures and properties. The co-design also reduces the time and cost associated with new materials research and development.

At ARI, Dan enjoys the ability to work on different projects and conduct research with an application in sight. He enjoys problem solving for clients and increasing knowledge base in this field. 

“ARI allows me to conduct research that has real-life value. It’s satisfying to know that our work will fit into a greater system. ”

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