What We Do

ARI intends to be a unique model. Instead of other university-based applied research laboratories that largely exist outside of their universities’ academic mission, ARI is integrating the University of Illinois’ faculty and students into our research. Our researchers collaborate with University of Illinois students and faculty, and our clients, on mission-driven research into finding solutions to national problems of mutual interest.

Our model is a win-win for our clients, our faculty and students, and the State of Illinois. Our clients are provided a research partner that can service their R&D needs while, at the same time, reduce risk. Our faculty and students participate in research that targets real-world, national problems. And for the State of Illinois and the entire Midwest region, the Applied Research Institute provides an engine where technologies are being designed, developed, and eventually commercialized here at home.

With ARI, You Can:

  • Connect research and researchers across campus
  • Partner and collaborate with industry and federal clients to understand their needs and shape into impact opportunities for the University
  • Bridge the research & development gap to bring research applications to the market faster