Research Cores

About ARI's Research Cores

ARI's scientists and engineers draw upon our research cores to help our customers solve important problems across a wide range of applications. Our research cores represent three key areas: Algorithms and Software, Technology and Process Adoption, and Materials and Manufacturing.

The very culture of ARI is to promote seamless, integrated collaboration across research cores to enable research and technology that cannot be imagined and carried out within a single traditional discipline. This culture is central to delivering unique, tailored solutions in our key impact areas

Each of ARI's three research cores boasts a high level of skill, experience, and expertise from their constituent researchers. What sets ARI apart is the way we collaborate across research cores to find innovative and multidisciplinary solutions to problems. We also work closely with units on the UIUC campus and beyond.

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To learn more about working with ARI, please contact Nicole Johnson, Managing Director of ARI.