Algorithm and Software Development

ARI creates robust, professional software systems solutions for complex problems in sciences and engineering by developing and optimizing cutting-edge algorithms and cyberinfrastructure.


Classifying airplanes

The Algorithm and Software Development group works utilizes industry, academic, and research expertise to deliver innovation applications and products in algorithm and software design. The group collects information from researchers and end-users to identify needs and processes to form collaborative approaches and solutions. By using standard software engineering methodologies, researchers implement, test, validate, and maintain software. The group also seeks to find novel solutions for complex problems by integrating off-the-shelf devices and algorithms, and builds robust, scalable cyber-infrastructure to support application deployment.

Focus Areas


Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

Through the use of artificial intelligence algorithms, ARI researchers are creating systems that learn to detect and classify objects, identify embodied signals for health and wellness, and control processes in manufacturing. ARI researchers are also working on methods for analyzing data to make analysis more powerful and efficient.

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Sensor Data Processing

ARI researchers are developing algorithms and software to efficiently and robustly process data from a variety of sensors. The projects range from imaging the Earth’s exosphere to measuring indoor air quality.


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Synthetic Data Generation and Virtual World Building

Using the gaming engine Unreal, ARI is building virtual worlds to support algorithm development for autonomous rovers and training technicians to weatherize homes.

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Computational Health

From artificial intelligence algorithm to web application development, ARI is supporting numerous projects in the field of computational health.

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The Algorithm and Software Development Group provides professional software practices for fundamental research and uses industry standards to implement and validate algorithms. The group employs artificial intelligence algorithms with application-driven goals and prioritizes bridging the gap between fundamental research and deployable code.

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To learn more about working with this group, please contact Nicole Johnson, Managing Director of ARI.