Algorithms and Software - Sensor Data Processing

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Carruthers Geocorona Observatory

The Carruthers Geocorona Observatory mission will measure the hydrogen density in Earth's exosphere via an ultra-violet imager mounted on a satellite. ARI is managing the Science Data and Operations Center (SDOC) which will process the science images, validate the algorithms, calibrate the instrument, and manage stellar target selection for satellite operations. ARI is working with the science team to design re-usable modular software for synthetic data generation, science data processing, and instrument calibration.


Single-factor authentication, such as passwords and shared-keys, come with the risk that the compromise of that factor can result in malicious parties accessing critical infrastructure systems. The Cyber-Physical Multi-factor Authentication for Autonomous Edge Security in Energy Systems project - in collaboration with Information Trust Institute (ITI) and their Center for Infrastructure Trustworthiness in Energy Systems (CITES) - aims to explore how to best develop, implement, and demonstrate an autonomous and low-cost multi-factor authentication system that exists at the edges of the existing energy infrastructure. For the preliminary investigation, the team has been working on developing an in-house data acquisition kit for acquiring acoustic signals for use in a convolutional neural network auto-encoder to produce cybersecurity keys. We are also consulting industry mentors in the energy and cybersecurity fields on the feasibility and cost associated with the proposed solutions.

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