About ARI

The Illinois Applied Research Institute (ARI) is the translational research unit of the Grainger College of Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. ARI researchers partner with faculty, industry, and government agencies to work on open, proprietary, or classified projects.

Who we are

Our researchers have expertise across engineering and science disciplines, with experience in industry, academia, and government R&D that enables them to provide unique perspectives on solving multi-disciplinary problems which have global impact.

What we do 

ARI performs translational research with a sharp focus on the development of technologies that are validated before they leave the laboratory. Our vision is to create a new model for a university-based institute, where industry and federal clients connect with researchers in an integrated environment to understand their needs and rapidly solve problems.

How we collaborate

ARI researchers collaborate on projects within, amongst, and beyond our three research cores, leveraging their diverse areas of expertise, experiences, and skills  to solve problems. This multidisciplinary approach means our solutions and deliverables are innovative, comprehensive, and dynamic.

Why it matters 

ARI is the trusted partner for high-impact research and development that changes the world. We are translating innovation to practice through integration of leading-edge research and client-focused perspectives.


Core Research Groups


Research Scientists and Engineers


UIUC Students

Impact Areas

The very culture of ARI is to promote seamless, integrated collaboration across research cores to enable research and technology that cannot be imagined and carried out within a single traditional discipline. This culture is central to delivering unique, tailored solutions in our key impact areas. These impact areas represent sectors where we can make meaningful contributions and deliver work that is transformational and innovative.

Our current impact areas include prototyping, sustainability and climate initiatives, knowledge extraction from data, technology design for adoption, agriculture, manufacturing, health and wellness, and defense and security. This list is not intended to be exhaustive, but  rather, a starting point with ample opportunity for growth.

Research Park

ARI is located in the Research Park at the University of Illinois, near the local offices of Fortune 500 companies and other regional innovators. We are across the street  from EnterpriseWorks, a 43,000-square-foot tech incubator home to more than 30 startups. ARI is less than a mile from the main University of Illinois Engineering Campus, which houses world-class research and testing labs.

This proximity is intentional: ARI serves as a catalyst for relationship building between those companies and the University’s academic and research communities. Companies that partner with ARI enjoy access to deep wells of engineering and scientific knowledge, and can gain insights that will foster breakthroughs.

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Contact Us

For general inquiries, contact:
appliedresearch@illinois.edu or call (217) 300-3162.

We are located at 2100 South Oak Street, Champaign, IL 61820.