New Terraflora treatment extends shelf-life of cut flowers

Researchers in the Materials and Manufacturing group have been working with Terraflora to validate a consumer product that will extend the shelf-life of cut flowers by slowing water loss through the flowers’ leaves and stems.

Using Additive Manufacturing to Improve Supersonic Air Vehicle Design

Researchers at ARI are studying using additively manufactured materials to improve the design and performance of support structures within super- and hypersonic air vehicles.

Studying ATONs to reduce risk and improve effectiveness

Mariners rely on aids to navigation (ATONs) to chart safe courses and reduce unsafe incidents. ARI is working with the Coast Guard to study ATONs to support decision-making to balance safety, cost, and resilience of the ATON network. 

ARI-led team receives NSF DMREF grant to accelerate adhesive design

A team of researchers led by Dr. Daniel Krogstad was recently awarded a grant through the National Science Foundation DMREF to investigate the development of high-toughness, hierarchically-structured adhesives.

Algorithm and Software Development

ARI develops and implements algorithms for solving complex multi-domain problems in the areas of Information Processing, ISR (Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance), Remote Sensing, Data Fusion, and Distributed Autonomy.

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Contextual Innovation and Practice

ARI increases operability, sustainability, and functionality of engineered products, systems, and operations by identifying and addressing the unique context in which they reside, and optimizing the impact of place, people, and time on its development and use.

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Materials Development

ARI improves the performance of material systems through the development, design, processing and characterization of polymers, biomaterials, nanocomposites and metals.

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