Algorithms and Software - Synthetic Data Generation and Virtual World Building

Read about some of our past and current projects below.


ARI collaborated with the Army Research Lab and other University of Illinois faculty and graduate students on a project called Robust Adaptive Autonomy for Multi-agent Maneuvers. The main objective for the RAAMM project was to advance technologies for multi-agent autonomy in complex and contested environments. ARI’s specific focus was creating a simulation environment using Unreal Engine packaged with Carla. We built a dense forest map with a dirt path and a mountainous grassland map with sparse trees and rocks for the TerraSentia robot model with attached sensors to traverse. 


The Reliable Autonomy In Denied Environments (RAIDE) project was a multi-year effort to develop software and hardware capabilities designed to enable transition of teleoperation and semi-autonomous robotic technologies for Army Engineer construction tasks in contested environments using hardware in the loop simulation of Combat Route Maintenance and Repair (CONOPS). ARI was responsible for developing the simulation and software pipeline.

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