Investigating the correlation of growth and mental health measures in youth

An OSF Jump ARCHES grant enabled a recent study into the relationship between psychosocial concerns and childhood BMI changes to identify children who may benefit from earlier mental health interventions.

Research team develops protective coatings using atmospheric-pressure plasma

Researchers at ARI and Nuclear, Plasma & Radiological Engineering at Illinois completed a project on the development of atmospheric-pressure plasma as a chemical waste-free method to deposit protective pre-treatment coatings on steel.

ARI partners with the Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program for contextual study on the Healthier Homes Initiative

In a contextual study with Ameren, the TAPA research group interviewed stakeholders at Carle and in the CU area and provided recommendations for next steps in the Ameren Healthier Homes Initiative.

ARI researchers aid software development for CoBot Factory project

ARI researchers are aiding in developing software for collaborative robots as part of C-NICE, a UIUC/Foxconn Interconnect Technology partnership.

Algorithm and Software Development

ARI develops and implements algorithms for solving complex multi-domain problems in the areas of Information Processing, ISR (Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance), Remote Sensing, Data Fusion, and Distributed Autonomy.

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Technology and Process Adoption

ARI increases operability, sustainability, and functionality of engineered products, systems, and operations by identifying and addressing the unique context in which they reside, and optimizing the impact of place, people, and time on its development and use.

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Materials and Manufacturing

ARI improves the performance of material systems through the development, design, processing and characterization of polymers, biomaterials, nanocomposites and metals.

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