Maryam Eslami

Maryam Eslami
Maryam Eslami she/her/hers
Staff Research Scientist
(217) 244-3604
206 Applied Research Institute


  • PhD, Materials, Mechatronics and Systems Engineering, University of Trento, Trento, Italy, January 2019
  • Master in Materials Science and Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology, Terhan, Iran, May 2013

Academic Positions

  • Research Scientist, Applied Research Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Champaign, IL, February 2023-Present
  • Research Project Leader, Institute for Corrosion and Multiphase Technology, Ohio University, Athens, OH, September 2021-February 2023
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Institute for Corrosion and Multiphase Technology, Ohio University, Athens, OH, October 2019-September 2021
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Trento, Trento, Italy, February 2019-October 2019

Professional Highlights

  • In 2019, Maryam graduated with a PhD in Materials, Mechatronics and Systems Engineering (Materials Science and Engineering) from the University of Trento in Italy. After graduation, she worked as Postdoctoral Research Associate and Research Project Leader at the University of Trento and the Institute for Corrosion and Multiphase Technology (ICMT) at Ohio University. Her main fields of research are Materials Science, Corrosion, and Electrochemistry. Her PhD research project was focused on corrosion characterization and protection of Al-Si alloys produced using a novel semi-solid casting technology called “Rheo-High Pressure Die Casting. During her PhD, she worked on cerium-based conversion coating and electrodeposited polypyrrole coating. During her career at ICMT she worked on various projects and topics including top of the line corrosion and mitigation, organic corrosion inhibitors, high temperature CO2/H2S corrosion, CO2 supercritical corrosion, and mechanistic modeling of corrosion.

Research Interests

  • Development and electrochemical characterization of corrosion-resistant alloys
  • CO2/H2S/supercritical CO2 corrosion
  • Top-of-the-line corrosion
  • Mechanistic modeling and prediction of corrosion
  • Corrosion mitigation using coatings and inhibitors
  • Electrodeposition
  • Materials characterization using electron microscopy techniques

Research Areas

  • Materials

Selected Articles in Journals

  • T. Pojtanabuntoeng, M. Eslami, M. Singer, S. Nesic, Influence of co-condensations of water and hydrocarbon on top of the line corrosion, Corrosion Journal 78 (4) (2022) 295-306
  • V. Fajardo, M. Eslami, Y-S. Choi, B. Brown, S. Nesic, Influence of acetic acid on the integrity and protectiveness by an iron carbonate (FeCO3) corrosion product layer, Corrosion Journal 77 (1) (2021) 97-111
  • M. Eslami, G. Speranza, F. Deflorian, C. Zanella, Polypyrrole coatings on rheocast aluminum-silicon alloy: a correlation between properties and electrodeposition conditions, Surface and Interface Analysis 52 (1-2) (2020) 4-15
  • M. Eslami, F. Deflorian, C. Zanella, Electrochemical behavior of conventional and rheo-high pressure die cast low silicon aluminum alloys in NaCl Solutions, Corrosion Journal 75 (11) (2019) 1339-1353
  • M. Eslami, F. Deflorian, C. Zanella, Electrochemical performance of polypyrrole coatings electrodeposited on rheocast aluminum-silicon components, Progress in Organic Coatings 137 (2019) 105307.
  • M. Eslami, G. Speranza, M. Fedel, N-E. Andersson, F. Deflorian, S. Omanovic, C. Zanella, Electropolymerization and possible corrosion protection effect of polypyrrole coatings on AA1050 (UNS A91050) in NaCl solutions, Corrosion Journal 75 (7) (2019) 745-755
  • M. Eslami, M. Payandeh, F. Deflorian, A. E. W. Jarfors, C. Zanella, Effect of segregation and surface condition on corrosion of Rheo-HPDC Al-Si alloys, Metals 8 (4) (2018) 209
  • M. Eslami, M. Fedel, G. Speranza, F. Deflorian, N-E. Andersson, C. Zanella, Study of selective deposition mechanism of cerium-based conversion coating on Rheo-HPDC aluminium-silicon alloys, Electrochimica Acta 255 (2017) 449-462
  • M. Eslami, M. Fedel, G. Speranza, F. Deflorian, C. Zanella, Deposition and characterization of cerium-based conversion coating on HPDC low Si content aluminum alloy, Journal of The Electrochemical Society 164 (9) (2017) C581-C590
  • M. Eslami, H. Saghafian, F. Golestani-fard, Alain Robin, Effect of electrodeposition conditions on the properties of Cu-Si3N4 composite coatings", Applied Surface Science 300 (2014) 129-140
  • M. Eslami, F. Golestani-fard, H. Saghafian, A. Robin, Study on tribological behavior of electrodeposited Cu-Si3N4 composite coatings, Materials and Design 58 (2014) 557-569