Contextual Engineering Faculty Workshop


Ann Witmer, ARI

Contextual Workshop
Contextual Workshop

July 29, 2020 2:00pm–5:00pm

Contextual Engineering at University of Illinois is emerging as a critical discipline for globally minded engineers, as is demonstrated by multi- disciplinary research efforts that extend beyond campus to universities on six continents. But how do we evolve traditional pedagogies to meaningfully bring together the social science and humanitarian disciplines within engineering education? Join your faculty colleagues from ABE, ACE, African Studies, Anthropology, BioE, CEE, ECE, Education, FAA, Geology, Global Studies, History, ICI, ISEE, Latin American Studies, NPRE, MechSE, NRES, Sociology, and many more academic units in exploring the potential for cross-campus collaborations to transform the technical process.
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      • Brian Dill (invited) is professor of Sociology at University of Illinois. He has researched the impacts of community engagement in development projects in sub-Saharan Africa.
      • Brett Kaufman is assistant professor of Classics at the University of Illinois and an archaeologist who specializes in ancient engineering and design, as well as the reconstruction of ecological management strategies of ancient and historical societies.
      • Anna Tsing is a professor of anthropology at University of California Santa Cruz who is renowned for her work on globalization impacts of local places
      • Barry Pittendrigh and Julia Bello-Bravo, faculty members at Michigan State University, are the founders of Scientific Animations Without Borders, which creates visual learning modules that can be adapted to the context of a target society.
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