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In Situ Diagnostics 


Real-time Monitoring
Real-time Monitoring of Laser Powder-Bed Fusion 
Real-time monitoring of Laser Powder-Bed Fusion processes

Using state-of-the-art thermographic systems, integrated high-resolution cameras, and advanced image analysis; ARI researchers capture temperature profiles and spatter events in real-time during metal additive manufacturing to identify process phenomena and enable development of digital twins and advanced process control schemes.

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Mechanism Notes
Biofeedstock-induced Corrosion
Analysis of Biofeedstock-Induced Corrosion

We have been studying, with our partners on campus (Profs. J. Krogstad, Q. Chen), the effects of biofeedstocks on the corrosion of refinery infrastructure at elevated temperature. Our approach focuses on the characterization of the chemical and structural evolution of the solution and the surface, both ex situ and in situ, at the earliest stages of corrosion. In situ characterization, with small angle x-ray scattering and transmission electron microscopy, increases our understanding of the potential corrosion mechanisms linked to the unique chemistry of biofeedstocks and to the extrinsic conditions. This work can be used to inform safe operating conditions for the processing of biofeedstock-containing blends.


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