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July Spotlight

John Wolff

John Wolff

Senior Software Engineer

John Wolff is a Senior Software Engineer at ARI since 2018. His main research area is in software development and the embedded systems space, where he primarily focuses on software development and security. John has worked on various projects and teams to develop and deliver software development and security solutions to clients. In addition, John works with assisting and managing interns with Sandia National Laboratories. At ARI, John has been able to expand his skills beyond areas in an academic institution and explore subjects that interest him.

John earned his B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Illinois in 2015. Prior to his time at ARI, John worked as a senior engineer at cloud platform company, developing cloud-based applications for the public sector. John joined ARI because he was interested in expanding skills in different areas in an academic institution. He also enjoys working with interns and is passionate about helping interns translate academia to real life application. 

At ARI, we want the work that we do to be impactful

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