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Julio Salinas Alvarado


Julio Salinas Alvarado

Software Engineer

Julio Salinas Alvarado is a Staff Software Engineer at ARI. He joined ARI in September 2020 and has supported various software projects. Julio’s main area of expertise is in algorithm and software development. Julio holds multiple educational backgrounds, including Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Ecuador, and Master’s in Information Technology in Melbourne, Australia.

With Julio’s primary expertise in software and machine learning, he has enjoyed working with and learning from researchers of various backgrounds. Unlike other research organizations, Julio believes that ARI allows researchers to go beyond research publications. Julio finds his work fulfilling as he is able to put research into real life application and has the ability to continue improving upon his expertise in software engineering.

During his time at ARI, Julio has developed further interests in algorithm, machine learning, and software. He looks forward to working with other ARI researchers in these respective fields to gain more experiences and knowledge in various fields of research.

“At ARI, not only do you have a platform to conduct research, but you get to put it into a real-life application that can make an impact. ”

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