Stronger Together: Building an Energy Efficiency Workforce


Pamela Bedient, ARI

Attend "Stronger Together: Building an Energy Efficiency Workforce," a virtual summit sponsored by the Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program and the Smart Energy Design Assistance Center (SEDAC). We will explore how to work together to build a strong and diverse energy efficiency workforce in Illinois. Energy efficiency employers, job seekers, job trainers, service providers, and workforce coordinators are invited to attend.

At the summit, we will share our vision for a dynamic, diverse workforce and discuss ways we can work together to make this vision a reality. We seek your feedback about how we can drive more job seekers to the energy efficiency workforce. The agenda will include inspirational keynote speakers, research findings, success stories, and opportunities to learn from each other and provide feedback. Join us! Register here

Opening Remarks

Richard J. Mark

Summit Keynote

Jamira Burley


9:00 a.m. - 10:10 a.m. Why Energy Efficiency Jobs are Critical, Now More Than Ever

The energy efficiency workforce plays a critical role in combating global climate change and helping communities save energy and money. Despite its importance, the energy efficiency workforce in Illinois has experienced nearly 10% job loss due to the pandemic, while the majority of employers report that it is very difficult to find qualified job candidates. Many populations, such as women, minorities, and rural workers, are severely underrepresented in the energy efficiency workforce. In these uncertain times, how can we work together to grow the workforce in an equitable way?

10:15 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Barriers and Solutions to Grow the Energy Efficiency Workforce

SEDAC will share research findings addressing barriers and solutions, feature successful workforce programs, and provide opportunities for discussion around 4 topics.


There is a great need for energy efficiency jobs, but too few people are aware of energy efficiency career paths. What can we do to raise awareness?


Many of the populations that are underrepresented in the energy efficiency workforce have also been hardest hit by the pandemic. How can we grow in a more equitable way?

Skills & Training

Are training programs meeting the needs of employers? What training is needed to grow the energy efficiency workforce of the future, and how can we coordinate better?

Solutions & Proposed Pilot

What are some solutions for growing and diversifying the energy efficiency workforce? Provide feedback on proposed solutions and share your ideas to grow the workforce.

Featured Organizations

The summit will feature the following organizations for their work in growing and diversifying the workforce.

Solutions for Energy Efficient Logistics (SEEL), LLC

Southtown Construction Training Center, B.O.N.E. LLC

YouthBuild, a program of the Housing Authority of Champaign County

Special Thanks

The following individuals and organizations have contributed to this research project and summit development, in collaboration with SEDAC.

Paul Francisco, Indoor Climate Research and Training (ICRT)
Stacy Gloss, ICRT
Robin Jarrett, Professor Emerita, Human Development & Family Studies

Education Justice Project

Rebecca Ginsburg
Jobie Taylor

Joshua Payne


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