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Contextual Engineering Faculty Workshop

July 1, 2020  

Contextual Engineering at University of Illinois is emerging as a critical discipline for globally minded engineers, as is demonstrated by multi-disciplinary research efforts that extend beyond campus to universities on six continents. But how do we evolve traditional pedagogies to meaningfully bring together the social science and humanitarian disciplines within engineering education? Join your faculty colleagues from across campus in exploring the potential for cross-campus collaborations to transform the technical process.

Contextual Consideration

Contextual Engineering Leverages Local Knowledge to Guide Water System Design

July 1, 2020  

The sustainability and durability of drinking water systems is as dependent on an understanding of place and people as it is on technical design.

The “why” of drinking water system operation (context) must precede the “what” and “how” (content) in design.

The expertise of drinking water professionals is only as effective as the awareness they bring to the design of the end-user experience.

The Customizable Sensor Packages for Healthy Homes Workshop

June 16, 2020  

On November 14, 2019, the “Customizable Sensor Packages for Healthy Homes” project team convened a stakeholder workshop to discuss the potential opportunities, uses, and needs of a customizable sensor system approach for indoor air quality measurements. In addition to the UIUC team, attendees represented broad city and state interests. These attendees included home performance contractors, a community action agency, Cook County Department of Public Health, Carle Foundation Hospital, the Mayor of the Village of Burnham, and U.S. EPA Region 5. In total, 17 people participated in the workshop. The agenda can be found following this workshop summary.


ARI awarded REMADE grant to recycle aerospace scrap

November 13, 2019   The Arizona desert is home to several aircraft graveyards. Planes that are no longer in circulation are left abandoned there. The Applied Research Institute at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is hoping to give these planes a second chance by recycling their aluminum alloys (principally the high-end AA7075).

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