In-situ Diagnostics Equipment

DIC camera

In-situ Diagnostics

Using a range of optical imaging modalities, we interrogate fluid-thermal structural interactions in complex flows and processing-structure-properties relationships in additive manufacturing.

DIC camera
DIC Camera
The Digital Imaging Correlation (DIC) System
High Speed Camera
ImageIR 8380hp
The ImageIR 8380hp is a high-end infrared camera with a temperature measuring range from -10 to 3000 °C at an accuracy of 1%. The camera has a 640 × 512 IR pixels cooled InSb detector with a 15µm pitch. The maximum frame rate is 5000 Hz and the spectral range is 1.5 – 5.7 µm. The camera is equipped with a 10 GigE interface for reliable high-speed data transmission without the need for buffering.
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