Metal Processing and Characterization Equipment

Metal Processing and Characterization Equipment

We leverage state-of-art metal additive manufacturing (DMLS) and casting equipment, as well as in-house metallography tools, to rapidly develop new processes for our customers.  


The Mlab can process a variety of powdered materials, ranging from stainless steel 316 and Co-Cr (CoCrW) to reactive powders as aluminum (AlSi10Mg) and titanium (Ti6Al4V). The system is configured for process parameter changes during build processing and is equipped with a high-speed thermographic system for in-situ build status monitoring. The Mlab has a 100W fiber laser and a build volume of 90 × 90 × 80 mm.

Panda 3D metal printer

The Panda 3D metal printing system is a powder bed additive machine with a 280 × 280 × 318 mm build configuration and a powerful 1000W single laser. The Panda has an open machine control software that allows for full control of processing parameters and enables dynamic process control. The machine is equipped with a multitude of process monitoring sensors including an integrated co-axial camera for high-speed melt imaging and temperature calibration, a recoat imaging sensor, and a spatter tracking sensor. The machine can process most metals and ceramic powders and is a powerful tool for both additive manufacturing research and technology development. 

Casting Furnace

The 30 kW induction system is used for melting and heat treatment of materials up to 1700 °C under low vacuum conditions. The system can handle 500g of metallic alloys and accepts crucibles with a maximum outer diameter of 73 mm and a height of 140 mm. The furnace is equipped with a material feeding antechamber and a melt stirrer to allow for compositional adjustments or alloying element additions to molten metal.

Struers Tegramin-25

The Struers Tegramin-25 is an automatic, microprocessor controlled machine for high quality grinding and polishing of specimens for materialographic inspection. The machine is equipped with automatic dosing and force control functions allowing for fast and reproducible results.

Isomet 400 Precision Saw

The Isomet 4000 is a linear precision saw for cutting materials with minimal sample deformation. The machine is equipped with a SMARTCUT system to adjust feed rate and provide consistent quality cuts without any specimen or machine damage.

Leica DM2500M Metallurgical Microscope

The Leica DM2500M is an upright metallurgical microscope with advanced optics and a wide selection of objectives (5X-100X) for simple and reliable material analysis. The microscope is equipped with the LAS interactive measurement software for stereological analysis of metallographic samples.