ARI Spotlight-April

April Spotlight

Eliezer Colina Morles

Senior Research Engineer

Eliezer Colina Morles is a Senior Research Engineer at ARI. He joined ARI in August 2020 and has been collaborating with partners to deliver interdisciplinary solutions for clients. Eliezer holds multiple educational backgrounds, including Systems Engineer from the University of Los Andes, Venezuela, Master of Science in Systems Engineering from Case Western Reserve University, and Philosophy Doctor from the University of Sheffield, UK.

At ARI, Eliezer specializes in Algorithm and Software Development. Eliezer primarily conducts high-quality applied research and leads tasks within externally and internally funded projects. He works to research and implement algorithmic solutions in artificial intelligence and machine learning and controls. 

Through research, Eliezer has been working to represent systems based on empirical data and researching the construction of systems models for intelligent decision making. During his time at ARI, Eliezer is working to lead the execution of research and development projects within his areas of knowledge to produce tangible results. He looks forward to working with other ARI researchers in the construction of solutions of global relevance.

“ARI provides the opportunity to work on research and development projects in an excellent professional environment for the development of innovative ideas.”

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